Mammograms are the gold standard for breast cancer detection. They are the most effective tool in the fight against breast cancer. Screening mammograms should be a regular part of every woman’s wellness and preventive care plan.

Your individual health history and risk factors determine at what age you should begin mammograms and how often you should have them. Talk with your primary care provider to determine what’s best for you.

Comprehensive Mammography Services in Seattle

The Polyclinic offers comprehensive mammography services at several clinic locations in Seattle. We use the latest technology, including tomosynthesis, also called 3D mammography. This 3D technology provides superior clinical diagnosis, reducing the need for additional imaging, and is particularly effective in detecting breast cancer, especially in women with dense breasts.

Studies have shown that 3D mammography provides superior clinical diagnosis while reducing the need for additional imaging. That’s why The Polyclinic has adopted 3D mammography as our standard of care.

For your convenience, we also offer the flexibility and convenience of Saturday appointments.

We collaborate and partner with The Polyclinic's Breast Surgery team who are experienced in surgical and non-surgical treatment of breast problems.

King 5: The Importance of Annual Mammograms

King 5’s Joyce Taylor speaks about her personal experience getting a mammogram at The Polyclinic.

Types of Mammography Exams

  • Screening Mammography. A screening mammogram can detect breast cancer at its earliest possible stage. A screening is used for patients without any signs or symptoms. This is typically an annual exam and is performed by an ARRT certified female mammographer.
  • Diagnostic Mammography. A diagnostic mammogram is a problem-solving exam. It is performed by a technologist who consults directly with the breast radiologist to determine the best views needed for evaluation. This workup determines if further imaging is needed, such as a breast ultrasound.

What to Expect During Your Mammogram

Preparing for your mammogram

  • Contact your referring doctor before scheduling a mammogram if you could be pregnant, are breast feeding or have any problems with your breast such as a lump, pain or nipple discharge.
  • Obtain prior mammogram films or compact discs or ask our scheduling team to obtain them for you to be in our system the day of your exam.

  • On the day of your mammogram

  • Avoid using deodorants, lotions or powders.
  • Wear a two-piece outfit to your appointment.
  • Recognition

    The Polyclinic's Breast Imaging Department is proud to be recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. In addition, we are also recognized as an ACR accredited mammography facility.

    Contact Us

  • To schedule a screening Mammogram, call The Polyclinic Breast Imaging Services at 206-860-5496 and select option 1.
  • For general information, please call 206-329-1760.