Please be aware that there is a nationwide shortage of Yellow Fever vaccines. The Travel Center at The Polyclinic has a limited supply and encourages those travelers who need this vaccine to call 206-860-4447 to make an appointment. Please visit the CDC website to see which regions require Yellow Fever immunization.

Comprehensive Travel Medicine Services

Our primary responsibility and service is to educate travelers (ages 2-years-old and up) by providing medical guidance to keep you healthy and safe during your travels, including the provision of immunizations and vaccinations for vaccine preventable diseases. Board certified infectious disease and travel medicine specialists are here for you before, during, and after your trip.

From consultation to providing vaccinations, we can help you stay healthy on your next trip. Learn more about the services we provide.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Call 206-860-4447. Please schedule your appointment 6-8 weeks before your departure to allow enough time for appropriate immunizations. Although advance appointments are preferable, if necessary we can see you on shorter notice.

Payment and Insurance Information

The Polyclinic Travel Medicine Clinic requires a non-refundable $50.00 deposit when scheduling the appointment. This is applied toward the cost of the visit. Should the visit need to be cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment and is not rescheduled, the $50.00 is forfeited. Full payment for all travel related health care services is due at the time of the appointment. The Travel Center at The Polyclinic is not contracted with insurance companies. We provide documentation of health care services provided, so the patient may submit to his or her insurance for reimbursement. Your insurance company may not reimburse fully or at all.

Have You Pinned Your Destination?

Patients can pin the locations they will visit on a travel map
in the Travel Center. Watch this video and see where other
Polyclinic patients are traveling.