Holly Sato MD, FACOG

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Board Certification

American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Fellow, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


Dr. Sato received her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Puget Sound. She received her medical degree from the University of Washington Medical School and completed her residency at the University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital. She completed a fellowship in robotic and pelvic surgery at Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, University of Washington Medicine. Before joining The Polyclinic, Dr. Sato practiced at Swedish OBGYN Specialists.

Career Influence

“My older sister was born with a physical disability so I was exposed to helping others from a young age. This was an important value that my parents instilled in my sister and me, so it was a natural choice for me to pursue a career in medicine.”

Clinical Interests

Dr. Sato provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care for women and has a special interest in minimally invasive robotic surgery, abnormal pap smears, fibroids, and low- and high-risk obstetrics.

Personal Interests

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Sato enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and traveling.

Practice Philosophy

“I became an Ob/Gyn to help empower women to play active roles in their health care and to help them make educated decisions about their bodies. I enjoy taking care of women as they embark through different journeys in life. I strive to provide individualized, evidence-based, compassionate care.”

Teaching Involvement

  • University of Washington medical students
  • Cherry Hill and First Hill family medicine residency
  • Swedish Family Medicine Obstetrics fellowship


SLS Outstanding Laparoendoscopic Resident Surgeon, 2012


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Meet Dr. Holly Sato


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