Types of Primary Care Providers

The Polyclinic has several types of primary care providers including those in family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. Some patients prefer a family medicine provider who can see all ages, and others prefer an internal medicine provider who is specifically trained to address health concerns for adults ages 18 and older, or a pediatrician who is focused on caring for children from birth to 21 years old.

No matter which type of provider you choose, it is important to establish with a primary care provider so that you have a trusted partner and resource in your care. It’s a good idea to establish with a primary care provider when you are relatively healthy and before a significant medical need arises. That way you have developed an ongoing relationship with your provider in a relaxed environment before having to make urgent, sometimes stressful decisions. Having an established primary care provider is an important first step in managing your overall health.

Benefits of Having a Primary Care Provider

Your primary care provider serves as your primary point of contact for your health care. He or she can see you for annual wellness exams, recommend appropriate screening tests and preventive care, prescribe medications, and help you manage any chronic conditions. Your primary care provider will also help coordinate your care and your care team, helping ensure the appropriate use of medical services, including referrals to specialists when needed, and avoiding unnecessary duplication of services.

Benefits of Team Based Care Model

In addition to your primary care provider, you are supported by an entire care team here at The Polyclinic. Our Team Based Care model in primary care brings physician assistants, nurses, scribes, medical assistants, and front office staff together in assigned teams dedicated to each patient. This approach provides a more personalized patient experience designed to help you achieve your health care goals. Find more information on Team Based Care roles and responsibilities here.