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Physical Therapy

You can’t move as well as you like, because you feel stiff or weak. You are having more difficulty doing typical daily activities such as walking, work or self-care, all because of a recent injury, illness or surgery. You hurt so much that you cannot enjoy your usual leisure or sports. You have fallen lately, or nearly had a serious fall, and are worried about your safety. You feel that your balance is not as good as it was before, perhaps because you are having dizzy spells. You are having bowel or bladder accidents.

These are some of the reasons why you would want to see a physical therapist. A physical therapist will evaluate your muscles, joints and nervous system, and measure how much function you have lost. The PT will then devise a program to help decrease your pain, improve your overall function, and help you get back to your favorite or necessary activities. Physical therapists also promote wellness and healthy lifestyles.

At The Polyclinic, our physical therapists provide the best evidence-based care. You will learn all the necessary tools and knowledge you can use at home or at work, so that you can recover faster. You will learn the right exercises that will help relieve your pain or improve your function. You will also learn the importance of correct posture and proper body mechanics.

And because our emphasis is on independent self-management, and only evidence-based care, you may only need a few visits to the physical therapy clinic, and still get the best possible results. Your out-of-pocket expenses should be therefore be kept to a minimum, and scheduling follow-up appointments will not be inconvenient at all.

Call the Physical Therapy department at 206-860-2210 if you would like to consult with a physical therapist about:

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist Assistants

  • Katie Gunter PTA, CLT-UE
  • Kaja Potter-Rudinow PTA, BSc, CLT-UE
  • Dawn Weaver PTA
  • Russell Sanchez PTA, CSCS