We offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical options. Our patients benefit from experienced surgeons working closely to recommend the most effective treatment to reduce your pain and optimize quality of life.

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The Polyclinic’s board-certified orthopedic surgeons are some of the most skilled and respected in the nation. Widely known for providing the best orthopedic medical and surgical care available, our orthopedic surgeons perform more than 1,000 surgeries annually and routinely receive referrals from all over the United States. They attentively listen to the questions and concerns of each patient –and understand that when you are in pain, or if you’re having trouble performing your regular activities, you don’t want to wait for treatment and relief.

First Hill Surgery Center

If your physician recommends surgery, he or she might schedule it at First Hill Surgery Center, an ambulatory or outpatient surgery center. First Hill Surgery Center is located in the heart of Seattle’s First Hill medical community and is one of the largest independent outpatient surgery centers in the region. A joint venture between The Polyclinic and Swedish Medical Center, First Hill Surgery Center features the latest surgical technology in a patient-friendly setting. Some procedures that may be performed in this facility include, but are not limited to:

  • Spine surgery
  • Total hip, knee, or shoulder replacement
  • Knee and shoulder arthroscopy
  • Tumor excision
  • ACL reconstruction
  • Clavicle repairs

The Polyclinic is proud to offer outpatient total joint replacement and certain types of spine surgery at First Hill Surgery Center. A few hours after these surgeries, patients are discharged to recover in their own home with a caregiver. Patients avoid an overnight hospital stay, which can reduce the risk of complications, including infection. First Hill Surgery Center also has overall lower facility fees which means lower out-of-pocket cost compared with a typical hospital stay.

Patients who are generally healthy and active are good candidates for these surgeries in an outpatient setting. Talk to your Polyclinic orthopedics provider to find out if total joint replacement or spine surgery at First Hill Surgery Center is right for you.

More information about First Hill Surgery Center.

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Our Orthopedics Department is part of a larger, comprehensive Musculoskeletal Program that includes:

We have many experienced therapists, physicians and surgeons in these closely related specialties who work together to provide patients with well-coordinated care and an excellent patient experience.

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