DaTscan is a nuclear medicine exam that is used primarily to determine Parkinson’s condition versus other non-Parkinson’s conditions. It is sometimes call a molecular imaging exam or dopamine scan.

What should I expect during my DaTscan?

The entire process will take four to five hours. Shortly after your arrival, we will give you a medication to protect your thyroid gland. After about an hour, we administer the DaTscan injection through an IV. There is a three-hour interval before the scan itself is performed. During this time, you may leave the clinic and then return. The scan itself uses a SPECT camera that rotates around your head to take images of your brain. During the exam, which lasts about 45 minutes, you will lie on your back with your head in a cushioned holder.

How do I prepare for my DaTscan?

No fasting is necessary. You should be well hydrated before the procedure and drink lots of fluids after as well. Your physician will inform you if you need to pause any medication for the exam.

When will I get my results from my DaTscan?

Your physician will inform you of the results of your exam.

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