Dr. David Ibrahim

Robotics doesn’t mean autopilot. The surgeon is very much behind the surgery but is equipped with a tool that can help make smaller incisions with more precision.

Dr. Ibrahim joins IRG Health Talk to discuss robotic assisted total joint replacement.

Using a 3D virtual model that’s unique to your hip or knee, the surgeon can plan and perform joint replacement with more personalization and precision. Short-term research shows that using robotics can result in less pain, shorter hospital stays and increased mobility after surgery.

“Patients often think that robotic surgery means the robot is doing the surgery,” said Dr. David Ibrahim. “I am still running the surgery but the robot is helping us to have a better view. Even before walking into the operating room, a 3D view reconstructs the patient’s anatomy. This allows us to map the patient’s joint, more precisely make cuts and improve implant positioning. Working with robotics transforms our ability to personalize total joint replacements.”

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June 10, 2020 | by The Polyclinic