Mother and child with a book and a flashlight in a fort
December 8, 2015 | by The Polyclinic

It’s rainy, cold and windy but your kids still have a lot of energy. Bust boredom or screen time with these alternate ideas for fun inside.

  1. Build a fort or pitch a tent. Use tablecloths, sheets, and cardboard boxes to create a fort or tent. Stock with pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, flashlights and books for a top secret getaway.
    Tip: Keep a few extra cardboard boxes in the garage to have materials on hand.

  2. Hold a game night. Swap a movie night with game night. Pull out your favorite board and card games, and enjoy time together as a family while helping your child learn strategy, counting and social skills.
    Tip: Play games in your newly constructed fort or tent.

  3. Bake cookies or quick bread. Taking the time to measure out cups and tablespoons reinforces math skills while yielding a delicious treat. Stir in healthy eating lessons with substitutions like applesauce and chia seeds.
    Tip: Sneak in extra nutrients with nuts, unsweetened fruit or winter squash.

  4. Explore a new city (in a book). Inspire your kids to discover the world around them by reading about new places to explore. Check out books from the library set in a city your family hasn’t visited before. Talk to your kids about how that place impacted the characters or imagine if you lived in their home.
    Tip: Supplement reading by finding the city on a map and find out how many miles away it is.

  5. Puddle jump. For those feeling motivated to get outside, a rainy day inner urban walk can be a fun way to see vegetation, wildlife and trails without committing to a long hike. Get some fresh air in between heavier showers at parks like Carkeek, Lakeridge and St. Mark’s Greenbelt that offer a mix of canopy and lower traffic.
    Tip: Warm up with a homemade cup of hot chocolate or cider – making your own allows you to control added sugar.