Patient Experiences

Read what patients are saying about their experiences at The Polyclinic.

Like many women with breast cancer, Susan Killen underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Then came the decision of what to do next. For a short time after surgery, she wore prosthetics, but she wanted a long-term solution.  “I was considering my options for breast reconstruction. Several friends recommended Dr. Kevin Beshlian as an all-around excellent plastic surgeon. About the same time, I’d... read more
"I'm 36 years old and just two weeks ago, I had my tonsils out. Yes, I know tonsillectomies are done everyday, but it's not the most common for adults. I've always heard the older you are, the harder it is to recover from this procedure. So, when my Polyclinic primary doctor suggested I get this done, I was terrified. The next day I was seen in Dr. Makielski's office. Terri, the nurse couldn't have been sweeter. She... read more
It’s not every day an otolaryngologist gets a purple heart, but that’s just the surprise that was in store for Dr. Kathleen Makielski when she investigated a problem with a very young patient. A purple heart bead, to be exact. Three-year-old Mackenzie Anderson joined the not-so-exclusive club of young patients who find their way to The Polyclinic’s otolaryngologists with an assortment of tiny trinkets... read more
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