Biceps Ruptures and Tendonitis

Biceps injuries occur around the elbow. A complete biceps tear will almost always require surgery to repair and reattach the tendon. Patients may feel a pop while lifting something heavy, have pain in the elbow, as well as bruising around the elbow.

Triceps injuries can occur as well, although these are much rarer than injuries to the biceps. These often require surgery as well.

Pectoralis Major Rupture

When this injury occurs, there are often classic physical examination findings. Bruising may occur in the arm pit, and usually the patient may feel or even hear a pop. If this occurs, you should be referred immediately to a surgeon as repair is often easier in the acute time period than waiting.

Talk to your primary care provider and the shoulder surgeon about the factors you should consider before surgery. If surgery is determined to be the best course of action, the shoulder surgeon will thoroughly discuss the post-operative recovery and rehabilitation process.