Radiation Oncology is the medical field that specializes in treating cancer patients with radiation therapy. The Polyclinic Radiation Oncology provides services conveniently located at the Arnold Pavilion. We are proud to partner with the Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group (TIROG), a group of radiation oncology physicians who specialize in the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer. Because The Polyclinic and the TIROG group share common patient health information by utilizing the same electronic medical records system, patients are provided with seamless, continuity of care.

TIROG has a proven record of being committed to providing world class radiation oncology care and is the largest radiation oncology group in the Seattle area. The group is active in research and technological development while maintaining their primary goal of providing specialized individual patient care.

Radiation can be given as a curative treatment alone in some cases, or in combination with surgery and or chemotherapy. Radiation also can be used palliatively, i.e. to help control symptoms such as pain or to prevent fracture of bones involved with cancer. In certain specialized cases, radiation therapy is used for non-cancer treatment. These radiation oncologists work as part of the multi-disciplinary team alongside medical oncologists (who deliver chemotherapy and hormonal therapy), surgeons, and other care providers.

All Polyclinic patients needing radiation oncology treatments are provided with the additional resources of a Polyclinic Nurse Navigator. Joan Ballard, RN, BSN, the Nurse Navigator, is a patient educator and advocate, a care coordinator and system navigator, working to improve the cancer experience for each patient. The Nurse Navigator is a support system for the patient and his/her family at a critical time — after diagnosis and through treatment —and serves as a gateway to health services.  She may be reached at 206-320-6140.