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Board Certification

American Board of Urology (valid until 2026)


Dr. Joseph Marquez earned his medical degree from Northwestern University (1999). He completed his internship and residency in urology at the University of Minnesota (2004).

Special Interests

Dr. Marquez specializes in comprehensive care for urologic conditions and prostate care. He is the first provider in Washington state to use the Artemis robotic-assisted MRI fusion biopsy of the prostate, a highly improved method of diagnosing prostate cancer and managing low risk cancers with active surveillance. Polyclinic physicians and staff have extensive training and experience in MRI imaging of the prostate to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment.

The Artemis system is also compatible with most properly performed MRIs of the prostate if patients have had their scan done at another imaging center. He is a strong proponent of the appropriate use of active surveillance of prostate cancer, utilizing MRI-guided biopsies and genetic tests such as Prolaris, to best identify men who are safe for surveillance and those who should be treated.

He is one of only a few experts in the Northwest in Cryotherapy (freezing) for prostate cancer, and has a strong network of expert consultants for other treatments for prostate cancer (surgery and radiation). Dr. Marquez also specializes in Greenlight laser treatments for men with bothersome urination (prostate enlargement), having performed more Greenlight procedures than any other provider in Washington. He performs No-Needle No-Scalpel vasectomies with optional IV sedation for select situations, manages kidney stones, circumcisions and scrotal masses (fluid collections, tumors, and enlarged veins/varicoceles).

Additionally, Dr Marquez performs REZUM and UROLIFT – in office alternatives for prostate enlargement, and other urinary symptoms. He also utilizes the option of nitrous –a safe gas to provide added comfort and relaxation for all procedures done in office.

Practice Philosophy

"My practice deals with sensitive subjects ranging from life threatening cancers to sexual dysfunction. I do my best to meet my patients with an approachable, caring and compassionate bedside manner, so we can partner to find the best possible solution. From music to art to surgery, I have spent most of my life as a student of the philosophy behind technique, and in more than 15 years of studying Urology, I have refined my practice to encompass only those areas where I have deep knowledge, can communicate clearly about, and execute expertly on."



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Enlarged Prostate

Dr. Marqeuz discusses causes and treatment options for enlarged prostate.

No Scalpel, No Needle Vasectomy

Dr. Marquez describes the no scalpel, no needle vasectomy procedure. Compared to a traditional vasectomy procedure, the no needle, no scalpel vasectomy provides less discomfort and leads to a faster recovery.

Why See a Urologist

Learn about the benefits of seeing a urologist.

Artemis Device

The Artemis device gives doctors a better way to diagnose and manage prostate cancer. The Polyclinic is the first health care organization in the state of Washington to offer this new robotic-assisted imaging and navigation system that vastly improves the accuracy of prostate biopsies. Polyclinic urologist Dr. Joseph Marquez explains the advantages.

Nitrouseal for Urology Procedures

Polyclinic urologist, Dr. Joseph Marquez explains the use of Nitrouseal Sedation System to relieve pain and anxiety during urology procedures.