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Welcome to The Polyclinic Plastic Surgery

The Polyclinic plastic surgeons in Seattle offer a complete range of cosmetic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery services. All of our surgeons have practiced in Seattle for many years and are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Each has areas of particular experience and expertise but all offer a proven record of consistently successful results with thousands of satisfied patients.

Nearly all cosmetic procedures and most reconstructive breast operations are performed on an outpatient basis in our unique new Ambulatory Plastic Surgery Center. We specialize in regional anesthetic and sophisticated sedative techniques that avoid the use of inhalation-based general anesthesia, so that patient comfort and care is optimized both during and after surgery, with all anesthesia care monitored by our dedicated anesthesia associates. For inpatient procedures, our hospital affiliations include Swedish and Virginia Mason Medical Centers.

Our plastic surgery procedures include:

We also perform a range of other reconstructive services including excision of biopsy-proven skin cancer and surgery to relieve migraine headaches.

Our plastic surgeons will help you make informed decisions to achieve desired results while safely conducting your procedure and providing support and care with 24-hour daily availability thereafter.