Robert Campbell doesn’t have an affinity for hospitals or health care but he couldn’t stop talking about his experience at The Polyclinic. “The service was impeccable,” Robert shared. “The staff were accommodating to a point I’ve never experienced.”

A Second Opinion Provides Easier Option

Robert initially came to The Polyclinic looking for a second opinion regarding a cyst that had developed on his knee. “It was unattractive more than anything. It wasn’t painful, unless I was putting pressure on it or kneeling down, but it was time to have it removed.”

His primary care doctor had referred him to a surgeon who recommended a lengthy outpatient surgery. So Robert was surprised to hear in a second opinion visit at The Polyclinic with Dr. Steven Counter that he may not even surgery. The cyst could be removed right then and there in his office procedure room.

In and Out in Under an Hour

“I thought I was going in for an initial consult and a second opinion, but when Dr. Counter looked at the cyst, he said he felt it could be removed safely in the office and that he had time and could have me in and out under an hour,” Robert said.

Robert had a client meeting later that afternoon and didn’t want to be in pain or feeling after-effects of anesthesia. However, Dr. Counter assured him the procedure would be both quick and painless. With the help of local anesthetic and five stitches, Robert was on his way to win the next big client in less than an hour.

“Dr. Counter was great and explained what he was doing the entire time,” Robert said. “Midway through he asked: ‘How am I doing Bobby?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, how are you doing?’ And he said, ‘Just great.’ He and his medical assistant Derek were really engaging and had a great sense of humor.”

A More Cost Effective Option

After the procedure, Robert learned he had saved about $3,500 to $4,000 in facility fees by having the cyst removed in an office procedure room at The Polyclinic.

“I’m just really pleased,” Robert said. “After the surgery, Dr. Counter even called to follow up with me. I’ve never had a surgeon call me personally. I give The Polyclinic an A+.”

Although he had never been to The Polyclinic before, he is glad he came for a second opinion. “I probably won’t be going anywhere else now, quite frankly. It was a beautiful thing.”