From a family atmosphere to friendly communication, our patients appreciate personalized healthcare. Read and watch some of the reasons why our patients choose us.

Cynthia Rogers

How a Colon Cancer Screening Changed Cynthia's Life

Because of her own experience catching colon cancer early, patient Cynthia Rogers urges people to see your doctor at any age if you have any early signs or symptoms of colon cancer.
See Cynthia’s story here.

Susan Killen

New Found Confidence After Breast Reconstruction

Patient Susan Killen describes her journey after breast cancer, starting with breast reconstruction surgery, and how she now lives with a new found confidence because of the care received at The Polyclinic under Dr. Kevin Beshlian. Read Susan's story.

Tag Gornall

The Value of Long-standing Physician Relationships

From gallbladder issues to a blocked artery, Tag Gornall credits The Polyclinic with life-saving medical decisions. Read Tag's story.

Robert Campbell

In and Out Without Surgery

He thought a cyst on his knee would require a lengthy surgery. After seeking a second opinion at The Polyclinic, Robert Campbell received the care and treatment from Dr. Steven Counter without ever entering an operating room. Read more about Robert's experience.

Adventurous patient

Sidelined Adventurer Returns to Active Pursuits

A lifelong athlete, patient Adam Kollgaard is used to pushing himself in sports and physical activities. When a back injury in July 2015 brought his active lifestyle to a standstill, he underwent spine surgery by Dr. Sean Keem and is now back to mountaineering and more. Read Adam’s story.

Patient meeting with doctor

Not Just Middle Age

A second opinion at The Polyclinic confirmed that Jeanne Leagault's symptoms were more than just middle age. Learn more about how she received the care needed to restore energy, stabilize weight and provide better health. Read Jeanne's story.

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