Press Ganey is a leading provider of patient experience for health care organizations with more than 30 years of experience. Press Ganey helps health care organizations improve the safety, quality and experience of care.

Who Receives the Survey?

Patients randomly selected to participate receive a survey within 48 hours of Press Ganey’s receipt of the patient’s visit information. Some patients receive the survey via text, and others receive via email.

What Questions Does Press Ganey Ask?

Press Ganey questions help address service and communication issues that improve interpersonal actions: attending to the physical and psychological factors inherent in the care experience; and taking action to correct controllable processes that might contribute to patient discomfort or distress. Press Ganey provides a variety of patient experience surveys that are customized to the type of healthcare service provided and setting.

The survey asks questions to understand the patient’s experience of their total care as well as with their care provider.