From diagnosis through treatment, our comprehensive Spine Surgery program focuses on delivering patient-centered spine care and top outcomes for our patients.

Why choose the Spine Surgery program at The Polyclinic?

  • Dedicated to improving quality of life. We focus on helping patients with back and spinal disorders restore productivity, reduce pain and return to health with surgical and non-surgical treatment options.
  • Comprehensive care options. We provide all aspects of care from expert evaluation to minimally invasive (including the experience and training to perform certain procedures on an outpatient basis) and traditional procedures.
  • Experience you can trust. Our board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, Sean Keem, MD, FAAOS, brings more than 15 years of medical experience and education. He performs more than 300 spine surgery procedures each year.
  • Optimal surgical outcomes. We work with each patient to recommend the treatment option that provides the best surgical outcome.
  • Education and resources. We empower patients with information and education, facilitating the decision making process to help you make a confident choice while achieving optimal surgical outcomes.
  • One part of a collaborative, comprehensive program

    Our Spine Surgeon is part of a larger, comprehensive Musculoskeletal Program that includes:

    We have many experienced therapists, physicians and surgeons in these closely related specialties who work together to provide patients with well-coordinated care and an excellent patient experience.

    Contact Us

    Contact the Spine Program at 206-860-5383 to make an appointment or for more information.