Living with elbow pain can make everyday activities an agonizing experience. Whether it's arthritis or a season-ending injury, our elbow specialists work with you to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate with your care in mind.

Our Services

We perform a wide variety of procedures to treat elbow conditions and injuries including:

  • Arthroscopic debridement
  • Elbow interpositional arthroplasty
  • Synovectomy
  • Total elbow arthroplasty or replacement

Conditions Treated

We treat a wide variety of conditions impacting the elbow including:

Meet the Team

Dr. Jim Hsu and Dr. Daniel Schwartz are board-certified orthopedic surgeons with special expertise in elbow surgery.


Our surgeons see patients at our Ballard, Downtown, Madison Center and Northgate Plaza clinics. If your orthopedic surgeon recommends surgery, this could be scheduled at First Hill Surgery Center, an ambulatory or outpatient surgery center. Procedures such as loose body, tennis elbow and ligament reconstruction can be performed here. Patients are discharged to recover in their own home with a caregiver just a few hours after surgery. Patients avoid an overnight hospital stay, which can reduce the risk of complications, including infection. First Hill Surgery Center also has overall lower facility fees which means lower out-of-pocket cost compared with a typical hospital stay. Learn more about First Hill Surgery Center.

Contact Us

Contact Orthopedics at 206-860-5578 to schedule an appointment or for more information. To refer a patient, please call or fax the referral to 206-860-2201.