This is highly variable from individual to individual. Your health team will address the specifics with you as these situations occur.

Many people never experience any issues, while others may have difficulties in a number of areas. It may be a good time to experiment with different tastes and textures to accomodate your nutrition.

  1. Taste buds may become more sensitive - if this occurs, avoid highly seasoned or salty foods.
  2. Flavor food with sugar, basil, seasonings, spices, lemon juice or mint.
  3. Add fruit and juice to milkshakes, custards, ice creams, puddings.
  4. Marinate meat in soy sauce, sweet juices or sweet wines.
  5. Serve meat alternatives such as fish, cheese, ham or egg salad, chicken or legumes.
  6. If certain foods taste poorly or strange, try some thing new.