Dedicated Specialists Provide Personalized Cancer Treatment

The oncology/hematology specialists at The Polyclinic provide patients with individual attention and a personalized approach to cancer treatment. This experienced team of medical oncology and hematology professionals, supported by oncology trained and experienced nursing staff, offers patients the latest treatments, support and follow-up care for all types of cancer and blood disorders.

Our comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care at The Polyclinic includes medical oncologists (who treat cancers using chemotherapy, biological therapies, and/or immunotherapy), surgeons from various specialties (including breast, colon/rectal, general, head and neck, sarcoma, urologic and plastic/reconstructive surgeons), other medical specialists (including pulmonary and gastrointestinal specialists), and dedicated oncology and chemotherapy nurses, along with our subspecialized pathology and radiology consultants.

If radiation is required as part of the treatment, we partner with radiation oncologists throughout the greater Seattle area to provide the radiation therapy at a facility convenient to the patient, since radiation therapy generally occurs on a daily basis for several weeks.

We coordinate all aspects of the patients’ cancer care, including in-hospital care at Swedish Medical Center (First Hill Campus) if necessary, and include the referring primary care physician in all discussions during diagnosis and treatment to ensure continuity of care.

The Polyclinic specialists participate in Tumor Boards at Swedish Hospital. Ongoing meetings to review and discuss treatment plans are an important component of this multi-disciplinary approach.

Diagnostic and Support Services