Continued Care for Mothers

Polyclinic OB/GYNs continue to provide care for mothers throughout the postpartum period to assist you through a healthy recovery and a gradual return to normal activities. The postpartum period extends for six weeks after your delivery.

Postpartum care begins in the hospital as you recover from your delivery. On average, women spend 24 to 36 hours in the hospital after a vaginal delivery and 48 to 60 hours after a cesarean delivery.

Because all deliveries are different, some women require a longer hospital stay than others. Your doctor will determine this depending on your delivery and individual circumstances.

Postpartum Recovery

During the postpartum recovery phase, you can expect your energy levels to gradually improve over time. As your strength and energy increase so will your daily activity. If you are concerned about your recovery, talk with your provider who can connect you with additional resources at the Swedish Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support.

At your postpartum exam, your doctor will: