Justin Goodman - The Polyclinic
March 24, 2015 | by The Polyclinic

The Polyclinic Hires New Gastroenterologist

Dr. Goodman cares for patients with all types of GI disorders, including biliary disease. He performs a comprehensive range of endoscopy and hepatology

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March 16, 2015 | by The Polyclinic

Treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis and occurs when a thrombosis or clot develops in one of the deep veins in your body.  DVT is a major public health

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March 10, 2015 | by Erin Moore MD

Why is My Hair Falling Out? Dr. Erin Moore Answers Your Questions

Hair loss, a distressing issue for patients and doctors. Diagnosing and treating hair loss can be very challenging. Often there is not one cause and

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March 9, 2015

Health Tips from Physicians – Drs. Matin and Townsend: Movement

This is the second in a three part series on Health Tips from Polyclinic Physicians. Check back for more health tips from our physicians this week

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