Medicare Trends 2017
January 25, 2017 | by The Polyclinic

5 Things to Know About Medicare Coverage in 2017

Medicare changes each year. Read these tips for five things to know about coverage in 2017.

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Thyroid Awareness Month
January 24, 2017 | by Kathleen O. Stickney MD

Thyroid Nodules: What You Should Know

Most thyroid nodules don't require treatment but some do. Learn more about what a thyroid nodule is, what the symptoms are and more about treatment options

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Saiman Kamaran MD - The Polyclinic
January 23, 2017 | by The Polyclinic

Rheumatologist Dr. Saima Kamran Joins The Polyclinic

Dr. Kamran provides comprehensive adult rheumatology services with specific specialty areas in rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus,

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January 19, 2017 | by The Polyclinic

Why Parents Need to Know About HPV

Prevention is the best way to avoid illness and disease—including HPV or human papillomavirus. HPV remains the nation’s most common sexually transmitted

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