Elizabeth Goldberg and Kim Quy Nguyen - The Polyclinic
By: The PolyclinicJanuary 17, 2017

Meet Polyclinic Now providers Elizabeth Goldberg, PhD, MSN, RN and Kim "Quy" Nguyen, RN, FNP-C. Elizabeth and Quy will provide care at Polyclinic Now, a new walk-in clinic located at Northgate Meridian.

Polyclinic Now
By: The PolyclinicJanuary 16, 2017

Polyclinic Now offers walk-in and same day appointments at Northgate Meridian. Learn more about our new clinic and get the care you need, when you need it.

12 Lights for Seattle Seahawks
By: The PolyclinicJanuary 13, 2017

The Polyclinic displays "12" lights at our Madison Center location to support the Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisional Playoff Game against the Atlanta Falcons.