Jun 14, 2019 | by Trong Tony Trinh MD, MPH

Is Your Insect Repellent Effective?

Are you applying the right insect repellent? Stay protected from insects this summer with these tips from Infectious Disease specialist Dr. Trinh.

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man with shoulder pain
June 12, 2019 | by Jim C. Hsu MD

Shoulder Labrum Tears and Instability

Learn more about diagnosis and treatment of shoulder labrum tears and instability.

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The Polyclinic Northgate Plaza
June 10, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

New Concierge Services and More Parking at Northgate Plaza

Now available at The Polyclinic Northgate Plaza: more parking and a new concierge service desk for our patients.

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grandmother helping young girl with life jacket
June 7, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

Water Safety Tips for the Start of Boating Season

Take extra caution when participating in water and boating activities this summer with these water-safety tips.

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happy kids running on the beach
June 5, 2019 | by Connie S. Wang MD

Keeping Kids Safe Through The Summer

Injuries to children increase in the summer. Read our list of five safety hazards and tips to avoid accidents and harm.

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