The Care Advantage Program (CAP) is an extra service available for patients on certain Medicare Advantage plans at The Polyclinic. CAP helps patients stay healthy and navigate changes in their health and lifestyle. For example, the CAP team of nurses and patient coordinators can help coordinate your surgery and rehabilitation, help you or a loved one transition to a skilled nursing facility, or support you through care and treatment of a chronic condition like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

Our dedicated team works closely with you and your Polyclinic providers to coordinate your care and help you achieve your health goals.

Care Advantage Services

Polyclinic patients enrolled in a covered Medicare Advantage plan have access to this suite of wrap-around services and support, including:

  • A personalized, goal-directed care plan
  • In-person meetings with a Care Advantage nurse or licensed clinical social work after your clinic visit
  • Family and caregiver consultations
  • Medication review
  • Health monitoring in between clinic visits and help understanding your condition
  • Assistance with care transitions (for example, from the clinic to a skilled nursing facility or from the emergency department to the hospital)
  • Resources and support for weight loss or other fitness goals
  • Help managing chronic illnesses or diseases such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, or memory loss

Meet the Team

Overseen by medical director Dr. Mary Anderson and led by manager Kelly Brammer RN, the CAP team assesses and advocates for your best care.

  • Nurse case managers collaborate with you and your providers to develop and implement a goal-directed care plan.
  • Our social worker consults with health care providers, care team members, and caregivers to identify helpful community resources or services.

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Learn more about how CAP can coordinate your care
and help you achieve health goals.

Join the Care Advantage Program

CAP services are available at no cost for eligible patients at The Polyclinic who are enrolled in a Humana, UnitedHealthcare or Premera Medicare Advantage plan. Ask your Polyclinic primary care provider for a referral or call 206-860-5300 to learn more.

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