See Yourself with a Medicare Advantage Plan

Sometimes it helps to see how other people made a health care decision. Read the patient profiles* below to learn if a Medicare Advantage plan might be right for you.


Meet Nancy

Nancy is 64 years old and excited to retire in the coming year. She stays fit by hiking in the summer and skiing every winter. She is looking for a Medicare plan that supports her active lifestyle and includes annual physicals and ideally access to her neighborhood gym. Her knees have started bothering her, so she may need surgery soon to ensure she can continue to keep up with her grandkids on the ski slopes. Find Nancy's full story here.


Meet William

William just turned 65 and retired from his executive position at a local bank. He was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, but is ready to hit the golf course and travel in retirement. He is looking for a Medicare plan that keeps him active and healthy in retirement. Find William's full story here.


Meet Glen

Glen is 66, recently retired, and on a tight budget. He has Type 2 diabetes and needs regular insulin. He quit smoking several years ago but still tires easily on morning walks with his wife. He is looking for a plan that includes affordable dental and vision coverage. Find Glen's full story here.

*Nancy, William, and Glen are not real people. These are patient examples and for illustration only. Your needs and choices may be different.

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