What is Measure Up Pressure Down (MUPD)?

Measure Up Pressure Down is a national campaign to raise awareness about high blood pressure and provide education about how to measure blood pressure, monitor changes, and keep it under control. More than 140 medical groups, including The Polyclinic, support the MUPD campaign.

What is blood pressure and what impact does it have on my health?

Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it will often damage different organs in the body.

One third of adults in the United States have high blood pressure, or hypertension. It is important to know your blood pressure and follow your health care professional’s instructions if your blood pressure is too high. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, vision loss, and other health problems.

  • Learn more about the dangers of high blood pressure.
  • How can I lower my blood pressure?

    • Identify risk factors. Some risk factors for high blood pressure include obesity, a high sodium diet, alcohol consumption, and a lack of exercise.
    • Counter these risk factors.
    • Lifestyle factors like a healthy diet, frequent exercise and limiting alcohol intake can help. However, not all factors can be influenced, including age and family history. This is why it is important to consult your physician.

    What should my next steps be?

    Know your blood pressure numbers to determine if you are at risk. Often, blood pressure can be checked at your pharmacy or grocery store. You can also make an appointment with your primary care physician to find out; blood pressure is measured as part of a routine examination. If you have high blood pressure, your physician will work with you to craft a plan to reduce and control it.

    Need to find a primary care physician? Call 206-329-1760 and ask to be connected to new patient services. The Polyclinic staff will assist you with scheduling an appointment.

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