The Polyclinic is a physician-led and governed multispecialty practice. This flexible work environment allows physicians to develop their individual practices and participate as active committee members to make decisions for the overall clinic.

Clinical Governance Committee


  • Lloyd David, Western Washington Group President
  • Anita Geving, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dennis Price, Chief Financial Officer
  • Denis McDonald, Senior Vice President & Executive Director of PCA and PCN
  • Martin Levine MD,Chief Medical Officer
  • Jennifer Gorman MD, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Mary Anderson MD, Chief Clinical Improvement and Quality Officer
  • Jason Wood, Chief Information Officer
  • Michael Davis, Vice President of Practice Management
  • Mary Lou Walther, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Tracy Corgiat, Vice President of Marketing & Development
  • Daron Vchulek, Vice President of Primary Care
  • Karen Parrish, Vice President, Western Washington Operations
  • Iwalani Paquette, Vice President of Operations
  • Lisa Autry, Vice President of Human Capital

Section Chiefs

Medical Directors