Injuries to the hand can range from a mild annoyance to severely disabling. The inability to use one’s hand can cause serious limitations in performing daily functions like playing sports, engaging in leisure activities or earning a livelihood.

The Polyclinic’s Physical Therapy department has certified hand therapists with the knowledge and experience to help you resume regular activities. If you have recently had an injury to your hand that required surgery or reconstruction, you may also benefit from the services of a certified hand therapist.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Your hand therapist will start by performing a comprehensive assessment of both your hand and arm to identify any functional limitations resulting from your injury, and determine the potential for recovery of function. If necessary, the therapist will fabricate a custom splint or orthotic. The therapist will teach you manual techniques to restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve tissue healing. These therapeutic exercises will improve your hand strength, function, and range of motion. Finally, your therapist will provide further instruction of how to continue going about daily activities through the recovery process, with the ultimate goal of returning to maximal function.

One part of a collaborative, comprehensive program

Our hand therapists are part of a larger, comprehensive Musculoskeletal Program that includes:

We have many experienced therapists, physicians and surgeons in these closely related specialties who work together to provide patients with well-coordinated care and an excellent patient experience.