Injury to the hand can be a mild annoyance to some people, but be a severely disabling event to most.  The inability to use one’s hand causes serious limitations in one’s ability to perform daily functions, play in a sport, engage in favorite leisure pursuits, or earn a livelihood.

If you have recently had an injury to your hand that required surgery or reconstruction, you will want the services of a Certified Hand Therapist.

A Certified Hand Therapist performs the following:

  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of the hand and arm
  • Identify functional limitations or disability resulting from the hand injury
  • Determine potential for recovery of function
  • Fabricate custom splints and orthotics
  • Utilize manual techniques to restore mobility, reduce pain and improve tissue healing
  • Utilize therapeutic exercises to improve strength, range of motion and function
  • Provide instruction on performance of activities of daily living, work and leisure activities during recovery
  • Help patient to return to maximal function, whether at work or at play