You are receiving radiation therapy to treat your cancer and the skin in the treatment area may become sensitive. Here are some tips to help you care for your skin and minimize any problems you may have.


  1. Keep your treatment area clean, dry and open to the air.
  2. Cleanse the treatment area with cool, tepid water and mild soap (Ivory or Neutrogena) and pat dry.
  3. Apply baby oil, A&D Ointment, or cornstarch to soothe dry, itchy skin. Check with your doctor or nurse to see what is recommended in your situation.
  4. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  5. Use an electric razor and NO pre or aftershave, if the treatment area includes your face.
  6. Protect your treatment area when outdoors to avoid injury or exposure to sunlight and wind.


  1. Use any alcohol, oils, creams, lotions or powders on your treatment area unless prescribed by your radiation physician.
  2. Shave or use deodorant on your underarms if the area is being treated.
  3. Rub or massage your treatment area.
  4. Wear tight or constrictive clothing.
  5. Use electric heating pads, hot water bottles, heat lamps or cold packs on your treatment area.
  6. Wash off or remove your treatment area markings until approved by your physician. If you notice that the lines are getting faint, don’t try to redraw them yourself. Let the radiation technician know.


  1. Don’t use toilet tissue – use cotton balls for cleansing area.
  2. Don’t rub skin dry after bathing, pat it dry.