What to Know After Being Diagnosed with Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is a scary event. Your Polyclinic physician can help coordinate your care, whether it is provided by colleagues within The Polyclinic or by other specialists in the greater Seattle medical community. Your team at The Polyclinic brings together board-certified doctors and clinicians with diverse specialties for top care and outcomes. Referring primary care physicians are included in all discussions to insure continuity of care.

When coping with cancer, each patient is different but it's important to be informed about your condition. We find that an informed patient is an empowered patient. Not all of the information on this site will apply to every patient. Please ask your health care team about any questions you have. You are a key-decision making member of the care team.

How to Organize Important Medical Information:

  • Take notes about how you're feeling
  • Write down questions you may have for your doctor
  • Keep track of your treatment schedule, physicians you've seen and medications you're taking
  • Manage your appointments
  • Save educational materials you have received
  • Read questions to ask after diagnosis.