If you are a patient of The Polyclinic and have a smartphone, you may receive a text message from Vivify, an associated healthcare team that we are partnering with, inviting you to enroll in the Vivify COVID screening. The text message will ask you to download an application on your smartphone that will allow regular screenings for COVID-19 symptoms and provide ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 care. The text message reads as the following:

“Hi (First Name). TEC, Polyclinic and NPN invite you to enroll in COVID screening to enhance your care. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Tap the link to start…”

If you receive this text message, please tap on the download option and begin your COVID-19 screening. A second text will provide a PIN that helps you log into the application. The entire process only takes a few minutes and will help us to keep you healthy during this period of uncertainty.

Patients who choose to enroll provide symptom and biometric feedback to a team of remote nurses who monitor and actively review the patient submissions. If you wish to opt-out, you may do so at any time. If you receive the Vivify text and don’t wish to participate, simply delete the text.

If you have technical questions about Vivify remote patient monitoring, please call the National Call Center at 844-852-9225, Monday - Friday 5 am - 5 pm or Saturday - Sunday 6 am - 3 pm. For clinical questions, please call The Polyclinic Population Health Management team at 206-860-5510.

April 29, 2020 | by The Polyclinic