First Hill Surgery Center Room

The Polyclinic and Swedish are pleased to announce the opening of First Hill Surgery Center (FHSC), located on the Swedish First Hill campus at 1101 Madison St., Suite 200. FHSC is an ambulatory surgery facility located in the heart of Seattle’s First Hill medical community and is the largest independent surgery center in the Pacific Northwest.

First Hill Surgery Center is operated as a joint venture between The Polyclinic and Swedish and managed by The Polyclinic. The 36,000-square-foot facility features 12 operating rooms, including two dedicated to eye surgery, and 32 postoperative rooms with more than 100 dedicated surgery staff. It also features the region’s largest and most technically advanced sterile processing units to sterilize instruments and equipment before surgery.

First Hill Surgery Center

“We’re pleased to partner with The Polyclinic to provide the community with additional outpatient surgery space,” said Tony Armada, chief executive officer, Swedish Health Services, and chair of the FHSC board of directors. “The facility will provide access for surgeons at The Polyclinic, Swedish, and across the region to perform outpatient procedures in a highly efficient environment.”

FHSC was specifically designed by surgeons, health care providers and administrators at The Polyclinic and Swedish with the primary goals of patient safety, lower patient costs, comfort, and convenience. FHSC also offers a benefit for surgeons with its streamlined workflow that reduces downtime between surgeries and allows them to optimize their schedules.

“FHSC represents the latest development in ambulatory surgery,” said Lloyd David, executive director and chief executive officer of The Polyclinic. “The design and technological advances of FHSC mean surgeries like minimally invasive spine surgery and total joint replacements that were previously done in an inpatient setting can now be safely performed in an outpatient setting, reducing costs for patients while maintaining quality. The Polyclinic is excited to partner with Swedish on this advancement in health care.”

“First Hill Surgery Center is focused on providing an excellent patient experience,” said Michael McClain, executive director of FHSC. “Our mission is to foster healing in a safe environment that respects the important role of caregivers, family and friends, while providing exceptional service and value for patients. To do that, we’ve hired highly skilled staff, and place a high value on employee satisfaction. Our experienced team, combined with a state-of-the-art facility translates into outstanding care and outstanding value for patients.”

First Hill Surgery Center Waiting Room

First Hill Surgery Center will accommodate a wide range of surgical specialties including breast surgery, eye surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, urology surgery, and others. The facility will replace The Polyclinic’s existing outpatient surgery center. The new surgery center will have capacity to accommodate up to 140 surgeons and 15,000 surgeries a year and will be a resource for The Polyclinic, Swedish and community physicians.

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November 21, 2016 | by The Polyclinic