Uber or Lift pilot program

In March, The Polyclinic launched a pilot program with Uber Health and Lyft Business to provide qualified patients with free transportation to and from their primary care appointments. The Polyclinic is the first health care organization in Washington state to utilize Uber Health.

“We’re so pleased to participate in this program with Uber Health and Lyft Business to offer transportation assistance to our patients who need it,” shared Dr. Angela Stapleton, chief of primary care. “This helps ensure our patients can get the care they need without delay.”

Who is eligible for transportation services?

The pilot program is currently available for Polyclinic primary care patients with medical concerns that need to be addressed at an in-clinic visit and who need help getting to the clinic. The program is not sponsored by insurance and no referral is necessary. Patients do not need an Uber or Lyft account.

How do patients schedule a ride?

Patients can request a ride by contacting your primary care provider’s office. You will need your provider’s approval that you need an in-person appointment and cannot get to the clinic without assistance.

How can I determine if I am eligible for this service?

Reach out to your primary care provider’s office to see if you’re eligible for transportation assistance. Your provider will need to know the following information:

  • Reason for Uber or Lyft request
  • Visit urgency
  • Length of visit
  • Assistive or mobility device requirement

Rides are scheduled by The Polyclinic’s Population Health Management (PHM) Team members for patients. Once approved by your provider, the PHM Team will complete the process for you to schedule your ride through Uber or Lyft. They will contact you directly to verify your request and confirm timing and other details.

Who typically qualifies for this service?

  • Primary care patients who need to see their provider for an in-person visit and do not have reliable transportation.
  • Primary care patients who require wheelchair-accessible modes of transportation.
  • Primary care patients who have transportation difficulties, financial struggles, or other hardships.
  • Primary care patients who have a difficult time making appointments due to personal reasons outside of their control.

Who typically does not qualify for this service?

  • Patients that have reliable means of transportation
  • Patients seeking care from a Polyclinic provider who is not part of the primary care team
  • Patients that could benefit from a video visit rather than an in-person appointment

If you or a loved one needs help getting to your primary care provider’s office, ask them about our free transportation service. You can also request transportation assistance through MyChart. This service helps ensure our patients get the care they need when they need it and can ease the potential stresses on family members and friends.

March 30, 2021 | by The Polyclinic