Doctor with patient.
September 11, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

About seven years ago, Marjorie Crawford moved from Denver, Colorado to Seattle to be closer to her grandson. Marjorie said she was raised to take good care of herself and a big part of that is finding a good doctor. At 86 years young, she still lives by the words her mother taught her as a young girl, “Your body is a well-oiled machine. Just listen to it and it will tell you what it needs.”

After discovering The Polyclinic Northgate was conveniently located near her home and a bus line, Marjorie said she was “able to schedule an appointment almost instantaneously.” Along with the friendly clinic staff, Marjorie has been extremely pleased with the organization and promptness she found at The Polyclinic. Unlike her experience with some other health care organizations, Marjorie has always been able to talk to an actual staff member when scheduling appointments, rather than having to leave messages and wait for a call back.

“At The Polyclinic everyone knows what their job is and they do it well. There’s no guessing and no waiting. Every department is so well organized. I’m very organized myself and so I appreciate that level of detail.” After having taught school for 40 years in five states, Marjorie appreciates people who are committed to their work. “I never went to my job, I always went to my joy,” Marjorie says, something she believes is also practiced by the hardworking staff and providers at The Polyclinic.

Marjorie has always scheduled regular doctor visits with her primary care doctor and preventive screenings as needed. A few years ago during one of her annual check-ups, Dr. Vanessa Edrich found an unusual lymph node near Marjorie’s left armpit. Dr. Edrich referred her for a biopsy that was determined to be benign. Luckily, it was detected early and was removed without any issues. Marjorie said she appreciates how the staff worked together at The Polyclinic to help coordinate her care.

Several years ago, she was diagnosed with kidney disease and saw Polyclinic nephrologist Dr. Andrew Somlyo for routine visits every four months for testing to help manage her condition. Marjorie lives a healthy lifestyle with little in the way of major medical needs and proudly shares that she’s not on any regular prescription medications.

Thanks to Marjorie’s attention to her health, she has continued her passions and has stayed in great shape. Marjorie keeps active with tending the garden at the local park by her apartment complex when she can, enjoys feeding the local squirrels and rabbits, and picks up her knitting at every spare opportunity.