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December 28, 2017 | by The Polyclinic

At The Polyclinic, we are proud to provide care and resources to help you be as healthy as possible. Health and wellness are top of mind for our patients, so it’s not surprising that our most-read blog posts in 2017 are related to nutrition, preventive care, and our talented physicians. Thank you for your readership, and best wishes for good health in the year ahead!

Here are our top 10 stories in 2017:

  1. The Polyclinic Opens New Clinic Location at Northgate Plaza

    In June 2016, we opened our new clinic at Northgate Plaza, an additional location designed to provide more consolidated and comprehensive services for our North Seattle patients. In August 2017, we expanded services there to include Family Medicine providers and additional specialty practices. See the full list of offerings at our Northgate Plaza location.

  2. Team Up with a Primary Care Doctor

    We recommend every patient have a PCP to help guide your care, keep you healthy with routine preventive care and screenings, treat you when you’re sick, and connect you to specialists if and when you need them.

  3. Adult Acne: What’s the Deal with That?

    Acne is one of the most common reasons for visiting a dermatologist, and it affects teenagers and adults alike. Polyclinic dermatologist Dr. Erin Moore shares causes and treatment options for mature skin.

  4. How Serious is Your Heart Murmur?

    When undetected or not closely followed, an abnormal heart murmur can create cardiovascular problems. Polyclinic cardiologist Aneet Patel, MD, FACC describes the importance of taking early steps to understand and diagnose heart murmur symptoms in order to maintain heart health.

  5. Congratulations to Our 2017 Seattle Met Top Docs

    In July, 109 Polyclinic providers (in 29 specialties) were named by their peers as 2017 Top Doctors by Seattle Met magazine.

  6. Is Coconut Oil Healthy for You?

    Polyclinic dietitian Tracey Graber, RD, CDE explains why the consumption of coconut oil is not ideal for heart health, but still offers helpful benefits as a moisturizer for skin and hair.

  7. How the Low-Carb Paleo Diet Changed My Practice (and My Lifestyle)

    Dr. Greg Sharp outlines how he became increasingly convinced that a low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, higher-fat diet offered compelling evidence for addressing obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Since this post was published, Dr. Sharp has created a Lifestyle and Metabolic Medicine program at The Polyclinic.

  8. Introducing Polyclinic Now, Walk-in Care at The Polyclinic

    In January, we opened our first immediate care clinic, which provides new and established patients with walk-in health care seven days a week.

  9. Transgender Care at The Polyclinic

    We strive to make all our patients feel welcome, and especially take care to ensure our gender care patients feel accepted and comfortable. This story shares more about how Polyclinic primary care and specialty physicians deliver a wide range of services for transgender patients.

  10. Congrats to Our Seattle Magazine Top Docs for 2017

    We were proud to announce the 15 Polyclinic physicians recognized in Seattle magazine as 2017 Top Doctors. These physicians were among the providers featured in the March issue and are considered to be among the most highly regarded in the region.