Dr. Mena Salib
February 10, 2020 | by The Polyclinic

Dr. Mena Salib is a primary care physician at The Polyclinic Ballard who sees patients of all ages. Dr. Salib was inspired to become a physician by his father, who is also a doctor. During his residency and training he became interested in primary care as a way to focus on overall wellness and disease prevention.

Get to know Dr. Salib in this video.

Dr. Salib said he strives to develop long-term relationships with his patients through listening and collaborative decision-making.

“I pride myself on being a good listener and really hearing what my patients are saying to me. Caring for patients isn’t a dictatorship, it’s a partnership. And I believe that helps my patients feel—as they should—that they have ownership of their body and their health. It’s rewarding to me to be able to see my patients take positive steps to improve their health.”