January 11, 2019 | by The Polyclinic

Get to know Dr. Barnard and her clinical practice in this video.

Dr. Anne Barnard joined The Polyclinic Family Medicine with Obstetrics department at Northgate Plaza on September 10, 2018. In this video, she describes her background, primary care and obstetrics practice and her clinical interests.

“Countless people and experiences influenced my path into medicine – from my childhood pediatrician and high school biology teacher, to my own experience with Lyme meningitis in high school and countless mentors since then,” said Dr. Barnard. “Family medicine became the obvious fit for the true continuity of care and ability to care for patients and families at all stages of life.”

In her free time, Dr. Barnard enjoys music and cooking. She also likes getting active outdoors, doing things like hiking, bouldering, biking and running half marathons.

Dr. Barnard is accepting new patients and her office can be reached at 206-525-5777.