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October 3, 2016 | by The Polyclinic

We’ve teamed up with Connexion Insurance Solutions to provide you answers to some of the frequently-asked-questions patients ask about Medicare. Each month we’ll publish an article or series of questions that are commonly asked about Medicare.

Q. What are some things I should keep in mind when selecting a Medicare plan?

A. There are some common things that seniors probably ought to consider when making their Medicare enrollment selections:

  1. Choose a plan that your doctors accept.
  2. Choose a plan that adequately covers your prescription drugs.
  3. Review more than one Medicare health plan (or plans from more than one insurance company).
  4. Find out any added-values for each the plans so you can take advantage of them – for instance, you may get a plan with a free fitness club membership, but not realize it.
  5. Get an unbiased opinion from a Medicare expert who has your best interest in mind.

Heidi Heikkala, Connexion Medicare Producer

Q. What are important things to remember when enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan?

A. Some of the top things to remember when enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan are:

  • In most cases, you can only change your Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan once a year during the annual open enrollment period, October 15 through December 7.
  • Make sure the plan you choose is accepted by your doctors and covers your prescriptions with the best possible cost sharing.
  • Even if you stay on the plan you originally bought, the benefits and the provider network may change so it’s in your best interest to review your plan for its value and suitability every year during the annual enrollment period.
  • If your Medicare Advantage plan is discontinued, you may have to enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan to avoid reverting back to Original Medicare fee-for-service with all of the associated costs.
  • Lance Ghiorso, Sr. Account Executive, Connexion Medicare Producer

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