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December 2, 2016 | by The Polyclinic

We’ve teamed up with Connexion Insurance Solutions to provide you answers to some of the frequently-asked-questions patients ask about Medicare. Each month we’ll publish an article or series of questions that are commonly asked about Medicare.

If I am on an exchange product, but will be turning 65, what do I need to do? Can I be enrolled in the exchange and Medicare?

A. In most cases, you won’t want to keep your Marketplace (Exchange) plan. Once your Medicare coverage starts, you won’t be eligible for premium tax credits or other cost savings available for your Marketplace plan. Avoid an unwanted overlap in Marketplace and Medicare coverage and tell your insurance company to end your Marketplace plan. Contact Connexion (1-877-217-3279 or Maquestions@connexioninsurance.com) to connect with someone who knows which Medicare plans Polyclinic accepts.

Pam Hughes, Connexion Insurance Solutions, Medicare Producer

Reference: Khn.org

I’m on my spouse’s coverage and she will be retiring soon. What are my options?

A. That depends on your particular situation. If you are Medicare eligible, you should enroll in both parts A and B. Then, consider adding a Medicare supplement coupled with prescription drug coverage, or a Medicare Advantage plan, that meets your needs‎. If you’re not Medicare eligible, inquire if your spouse’s employer offers COBRA benefits for spouses or whether you can enroll in an individual plan.

Joan Buckley, Connexion Insurance Solutions, Medicare Producer

Reference: MyMedicareMatters.org

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