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August 15, 2016 | by The Polyclinic

We’ve teamed up with Connexion Insurance Solutions to provide you answers to some of the frequently-asked-questions patients ask about Medicare. Each month we’ll publish an article or series of questions that are commonly asked about Medicare.

Q. Can I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan if I miss the Open Enrollment Period?

A. If you don’t enroll during the Annual Open Enrollment Period between 10/15 and 12/7 (for a 1/1 effective date), you will need to wait until the following year to enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug plan. You can, however, apply for Medicare Supplement coverage but may be subject to medical underwriting and pre-existing condition waiting periods. If you are accepted by a Medicare Supplement Plan, it is important to remember that supplement plans do not cover prescriptions so you will still need to wait until the following year for a drug plan.

To ensure the widest array of choices, remember to:

  • Enroll during Medicare Open Enrollment Period
  • Make an appointment with your Medicare Specialist ahead of time so that they can help you understand your options

If you don’t already have a Medicare Specialist, or need Medicare Supplement coverage now, Connexion Insurance Solutions can help answer your questions free of charge (Call 1-877-217-3279 or email MAquestions@connexioninsurance.com).

Note: There are special circumstances that may qualify you to make changes to your Medicare Advantage and Medicare drug coverage when certain events happen. Learn more about special enrollment periods.

Lance Ghiorso, Connexion Sr. Account Executive, Connexion Medicare Producer

Reference: Medicare.gov

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