Dental options on Medicare Advantage
February 27, 2017 | by The Polyclinic

We’ve teamed up with Connexion Insurance Solutions to provide you answers to some of the frequently-asked-questions patients ask about Medicare. Each month we’ll publish an article or series of questions that are commonly asked about Medicare.

How do I evaluate my Medicare Advantage dental options?

A. Original Medicare does not cover most dental care including cleanings, fillings, and many devices. Some Medicare Advantage Plans may have options for you to receive dental coverage. Plans that do offer coverage may include it in the plan benefits (embedded) or may offer it as a buy-up (rider). Some plans only offer a preventative dental option, such as bi-annual cleanings, whether it is embedded or in the form of a rider.

When considering dental coverage, it’s important to know which dental plans your dentist accepts and what your preventative costs would be if you paid for them out of pocket. Many times purchasing preventative dental coverage may cost as much as self-insuring and you may need to go to a different dentist.

Comprehensive dental is only available as a rider with Medicare Advantage Plan. If you choose a Medicare Supplement, then stand-alone individual dental plans will be your only option. Either way, when considering comprehensive dental coverage, it’s important to find out what companies in your area offer individual standalone comprehensive plans. e.g. Willamette Dental. You’ll want to compare the dental plan cost, waiting periods, benefits and network against the comprehensive coverage that may be available as a rider with your Medicare Advantage plan.

--Lance Ghiorso, Senior Account Executive - Connexion Insurance Solutions

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