A pink breast cancer ribbon sitting on a wooden surface.
October 26, 2016 | by The Polyclinic

Dr. Arpita Swami, radiologist at The Polyclinic, talks with Joyce Taylor, KING-5 news anchor, about getting regular mammograms to detect any changes in the breast, including breast cancer at its earliest stage possible.

Taylor is also a Polyclinic patient who shared her experience after her most recent mammogram.

“When we see something that is a change from before, we schedule a call-back,” said Dr. Arpita Swami, radiologist in The Polyclinic Breast Imaging Department. The radiologist who reviewed Taylor’s mammography scan detected a small calcification and ordered a biopsy; no cancer was found.

“I was so glad I had been going for 11 years, every year, so that even the tiniest of changes they were able to see because of 3D mammography,” Taylor shared.

“If you hadn’t come in this year and it had been something concerning, it would have been much bigger next year after or the year after. It’s something we see often and it’s very distressing to
see something we could have caught earlier,” Dr. Swami said.

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