How Dr. Hasan Stays Healthy
January 22, 2020 | by The Polyclinic

Achieving and maintaining good health can look a bit different for everyone, including health care providers. In this series, we spotlight a Polyclinic provider’s approach to their physical and mental health.

A Q & A with Asma Hasan, MD, a Polyclinic endocrinologist.

What are your go-to healthy foods?

Salads. You can have a lot of variety and fun experimenting with different kinds.”

What are your splurge foods?

“I am a big ice cream fanatic and love trying new flavors.”

What are some of your favorite ways to move (and how often)?

“I like to go to yoga classes at least a couple of times a week and when we get a chance we love to go hiking outside and see some beautiful scenery.”

What is some favorite healthful advice you received and why?

“Life is about balance. You cannot be too excessive or extreme about diet and exercise.”

What is some healthful advice you give to your patients and why?

“Try to find an exercise routine that fits with your schedule and you enjoy doing so that you can do it consistently.”

What did you learn in your medical training that inspires or reminds you to take care of your health?

“Taking care of patients with diabetes you can see the importance of trying to prevent complication. You want to try to prevent something before it becomes a big problem and impacts your life.”

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?

Exercise always keeps me feeling well mentally and physically. Making sure I get a good amount of sleep also helps me to feel relaxed.”


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