Matthew Bressie
October 10, 2020 | by The Polyclinic

Achieving and maintaining good health can look a bit different for everyone, including health care providers. In this series, we spotlight a Polyclinic provider’s approach to their physical and mental health.

A Q & A with Matthew Bressie, MD, a family medicine physician

What are your go-to healthy foods?

“I like easy-to-eat raw fruits and vegetables – apples, pears, bananas, carrot sticks, snap peas, and sweet pepper slices.”

What are your splurge foods?

“My splurge foods are ice cream and pizza! Having something like this infrequently keeps me eating healthy at other times.”

What are some of your favorite ways to move (and how often)?

“I take a brisk walk through my neighborhood at least three times a week. Playing with my kids keeps me very active as well – that happens every day!”

What is some favorite healthful advice you received and why?

“Eat food (defined as what your great-grandmother would recognize as food) and not too much - it’s simple, direct, and makes sense from a medical standpoint.”

What is some healthful advice you give to your patients and why?

“Exercise in a way you enjoy – it’s hard to get motivated to do what we don’t like doing. Don’t be afraid to try new things that get you active – you never know what you might like. It’s easy to get overly stressed with the current COVID-19 crisis and all of the national crises we are experiencing now. Sometimes taking an intermittent break from the news cycle and focusing on positive things in life – having fun – relieves a lot of stress and energizes us to do what we need to do.”

What did you learn in your medical training that inspires or reminds you to take care of your health?

“Stress and physical activity can increase the risk of heart disease. I have a family history of this, so I try to take good care of my body and mind.”

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?

“Slow down a bit. Pray. Enjoy some focused play time with my kids. Rest. I try to schedule time for these things just like I schedule time for other things – when I set aside time to take care of myself, there’s a better chance it will happen!”

Learn more about Dr. Matthew Bressie and his primary care practice at Northgate Plaza.