Seattle, Wash. - First Hill Surgery Center (FHSC) recently added total hip, knee, and shoulder joint replacement surgery to its list of procedures performed in an outpatient setting. Most total joint replacements have traditionally been performed in a hospital setting and require patients to stay several days in the hospital. At FHSC’s state-of-the-art facility, medically appropriate patients can now have a total joint replacement at FHSC and be discharged to recover in their own home with a caregiver within hours of surgery.

Outpatient total joint replacement gives orthopedic patients an option to avoid a hospital stay, which can reduce risk of complications, including infection. The cost of total joint replacement is also much lower in an outpatient surgery center such as FHSC compared to an inpatient procedure at a hospital.

"Not every patient needs to stay in the hospital after joint replacement," said Michael McClain, FHSC executive director. "FHSC was specifically designed to accommodate complex surgeries like this. We have the space, the latest surgical technology, and an outstanding medical team to get patients back on their feet without an unnecessary hospital stay."

Patients who are generally healthy and active are good candidates for outpatient joint replacement. Patients work closely with a physical therapist and their orthopedic surgeon to prepare for surgery and follow a detailed pre-operative protocol. After surgery, physical therapists are onsite at FHSC to help patients walk within hours of surgery and guide them with exercises to support their recovery.

"Orthopedic surgery has advanced significantly over the past few decades," said Christopher Cannon, MD, The Polyclinic orthopedic surgeon involved in creating the FHSC total joint program. "We now have the technology and tools to give appropriate patients the option to recover at home with a family member or friend instead of in a hospital. For reasonably healthy, active patients this is an excellent option to get them back to their day-to-day activities even sooner."

Surgeons at The Polyclinic, Swedish and across the Seattle community can schedule total joint replacement and other surgeries at FHSC, located at 1101 Madison in the heart of Seattle’s medical community.

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October 4, 2017 | by The Polyclinic