Polyclinic Colonoscopy

Screening colonoscopies are the best way in preventing colorectal cancer and detect it at its earliest, most treatable stages. Unfortunately, many patients put off this important exam due to fear, embarrassment, cost and other reasons.

To address these concerns, several Polyclinic gastroenterologists share some key facts about colonoscopy in this video including:

Listen to Polyclinic doctors discuss facts, myths and misconceptions about colonoscopy.

  • Colonoscopy is covered by most insurance plans.
  • Preparing for the exam may not be the most fun you’ll ever have but is a critical step in ensuring the most accurate exam.
  • The test itself takes only about 30 minutes; a worthwhile investment of time.
  • Polyclinic gastroenterologists polyp detection rate exceeds national quality standards.
  • Screening colonoscopy is the recommended prevention strategy for colon cancer.


November 9, 2016 | by The Polyclinic


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