Sean Keem MD - The Polyclinic
October 13, 2016 | by The Polyclinic

Listen in as Dr. Sean Keem discusses compression fractures, a relatively uncommon injury in football but one that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo recently suffered.

Types of Compression Fractures

There are two types of compression fractures: traumatic and senile.

"Traumatic fractures occur suddenly and often in dense bone, and senile fractures occur in elderly people whose bones are weaker and less dense,” said Dr. Sean Keem, orthopedic spine surgeon at The Polyclinic.

Treatment for Compression Fractures

Treatment depends on the patient and type of fracture."Initial treatment is often rest, using a brace if necessary and sometimes physical therapy," said Dr. Keem. "If the pain subsides and the bone begins to heal properly, no surgery is needed.”