Melanie Clemenz, MD
August 14, 2020 | by The Polyclinic

Dermatologist Dr. Melanie Clemenz was among the first wave of providers at The Polyclinic to explore telemedicine as a way to continue providing excellent care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seattle Met magazine published a feature in its July/August 2020 issue—both in print and online—on Dr. Clemenz as part of an exploration entitled Seattle Resilience: How the City Thrived during a Pandemic.

For Dr. Clemenz and her colleagues at The Polyclinic, this resilience meant quickly pivoting to virtual visits using a program called VSee, a secure, easy-to-use telemedicine application.

Clemenz explained to Seattle Met that dermatology was well prepared to adopt telemedicine as their training and practice often involves studying photographs to determine what might be affecting a patient’s skin.

Though there were administrative pieces that took some coordinating, Dr. Clemenz was able to see 11 patients virtually on March 24—just one day after Washington came under Governor Jay Inslee’s shelter-in-place order.

“It felt soul crushing to not be able to care for people when everyone needed to stay home to flatten the curve, so everyone was really eager to adapt. I think patients who may have been skeptical at first are pleasantly surprised. They learned the visits were as comprehensive and personal as they are in person. People are so grateful for care,” Dr. Clemenz told Seattle Met.

Now, Dr. Clemenz is brainstorming how she and her team can tailor telemedicine into their patients’ care once the global pandemic eases.

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We want to congratulate Dr. Clemenz for both her innovation and for her dedication to The Polyclinic’s mission.